Ozone Generator Applied for Swimming Pool Disinfection

O3tech 2016-10-9 17:20:36

Ozone Generator Applied for Swimming Pool Disinfection

Ozone generator is increasingly closed with our daily life and even becomes a necessity of our daily life. In the following passage, we will discuss how it is applied in swimming pool.

Swimming is a popular sport, but the water will inevitably enter the mouth when body in direct contact with water. If the water is not healthy,  it can cause eye, ear, nose and throat, skin and digestive diseases. What is worse, it can cause typhoid, cholera, dysentery and other infectious diseases, syphilis. At the same time, the water will be polluted by the bacterial contamination of swimmers in the swimming pool, so water sterilizing device must be set in the swimming pool.Ozone generator model OTH-OXY030 is developed by our company specializing for swimming pool and aquirum disinfection. It is characterized by high efficiency, integration and perfect control function which realizes product technology upgradation and achieves international leading level. This ozone generator adopts high corona discharge and adopts oxygen as gas source. We all know that ozone is an allotrope of oxygen, molecular formula O3, active chemical properties, its strong oxidant oxidation ability next to fluoride. After a certain period of time, ozone can be decomposed into oxygen, so there is no secondary pollution, and is internationally recognized as the cleanest disinfectant.

With the development of social economy, people's life demand increases, thus came into being many swimming pools. Then the apperance of ozone generator solves the problem swimming pool water quality, so that people could refresh themselves without any concerns.