Ozone Laundry System

O3tech 2016-7-28 14:34:14

Ozone Laundry System

With the rapid expansion of the domestic Hotel service industry, laundry industry began to develop. However, there still exist problems in traditional washing method, such as: high water and energy consumption and administrative entanglements. By contrast, ozone is recognized as a strong oxidizing agent and fungicide. By using ozone in industrial washing system, it can greatly reduce water consumption and energy consumption which is a new technology to improve the traditional washing methods.

Advantages of using ozone in laundry industry:

a.     Wash with cold water without heating

For traditional washing methods, it needs to use hot water and the temperature should be up to 70-80 degrees to achieve the purpose of sterilization. During heating process, it will consume a lot of energy which makes up 50% to 60%. The ozone laundry system was later changed to wash in cold water, for washing machine heating energy consumption can be reduced by 90%.

b.     Water-Saving

Traditional washing process is generally 6 times, and the use of ozone system can be reduced to 3-4 times. It can save 25% water without affecting the quality of washing.

c.      Saving electricity and manpower cost

Ozone laundry system can reduce washing time from the original 45-55 minutes to 30 to 40 minutes which greatly reduces power consumption and manual operation time.

d.     Softening laundry water

By softening and precipitating calcium, magnesium and other salts contained in water, detergent can play a better role and the amount can be greatly reduced!

e.     Sterilization and deodorant

Ozone is recognized as a strong broad-spectrum fungicide which can quickly kill bacteria and can be used to remove the smell due to its strong oxidizing property. After sterilization, ozone can be decomposed into oxygen and will not remain any odor.