Ozone Oxidation Treatment of Landfill Odor

O3tech 2016-8-18 13:37:15

Ozone Oxidation Treatment of Landfill Odor

The urban life produces a great deal of household garbage which are concentrated in domestic waste treatment plant. During disposal process, it will produce a smelly stench.

Waste treatment process is generally through fermentation to complete and the odor components are very complicated, mainly hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, dimethyl sulfide, mercaptan propane, butane thiol, organic sulfur compounds. Human beings are very sensitive to this smell and will feel nausea and vomiting when smelling this odor and even in low concentration.

The undesirable odor should be unified collected, treated and discharged without causing any inconvenience to surrounding residents. However, due to treatment costs, most of waste treatment plants are either not equipped with odor treatment facility or the treatment technology is not up to standard.

How should we deal with smelly odor? What should we do to make odor treatment reach the standard? There are many odor treatment technologies. Ozone oxidation treatment is a new type of odor gas treatment technology and its core principle is using ozone oxidation to oxidate odor molecules to odorless non-toxic molecule, fundamentally solve the problem of industrial odor. Ozone oxidation reduction potential is extremely high, almost known as the material of strongest natural oxidability.

O3 Tech has been focusing on manufacturing of ozone generators for years and provides deodorant scheme for our clients. We have accumulated a lot experience in odor treatment. Ozone oxidation treatment scheme is a new-typed odor treatment scheme which is characterized by low cost and favorable effect.