The Classification of Ozone Generator and Application on Water Treatment

O3tech 2016-8-24 15:15:17

The Classification of Ozone Generator and Application on Water Treatment

Generally, the main application of ozone are determined by the ozone output; divided into gaseous and liquid sterilized;

Basically, the different source feeding will affect the ozone gas concentration, output, and purity; Gas source is generally divided into ordinary air, dry air source, the source of oxygen-rich and oxygen gas source four kinds of industrial;

The above gas source based on the same equipment, the ozone concentration and output will be ascending order; Generally speaking, it should not be configured ordinary gas source,as this would affectthe life of ozone generator and lead to instability.


According to the purpose on application, the common gas source can be roughly divided into the following:

1#: Dry air source: Air disinfection, tap water treatment, swimming pool, aquaculture, water production cycle, reclaimed water;

2#: Oxygen-rich source:The application need higher ozone concentration; Such as: purified water plant, mineral water, waste water treatment, medicine and food processing workshop.

 3#: Industrial oxygen source: Require the higher purity, higher concentration ozone, a small ozone output;


Disinfection applications for large scale space; such as: medicine and food processing workshop. Generally, to install special pipes in the workshop,make the ozone gas well-distributed, and passing through the central air-conditioning duct pipe, but it will result in air-conditioning duct corrosion of metal parts and ozone depletion.

Application on water treatment:


To dissolve the ozone gas in water with gas liquid mixing equipment; Generally divided into aeration, venturi, negative pressure suction and mixing pump. Above dissolved efficiency in water will be improved gradually;

1#: Aeration: Tap water plant, aquaculture, waterproduction cycle, sewage water, industrial wastewater;

2#: Venturi; Secondary water supply, purified water plant, mineral water, aquaculture water cooling, Swimming pool;

3#: Negative pressure suction: small water volume treatment.

4#: Gas-liquid mixing pump; Small water volume or ozone disinfectant application.