Wall-Mounted Ozone Generator

O3tech 2016-8-5 14:04:32

Wall-Mounted Ozone Generator

Wall-mounted ozone generators are made based on high corona discharge method with the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, large ozone output and high rate of sterilization and disinfection, no residual and secondary pollution, low price and operating costs. Sterilizing machine in the ozone generator uses the classic ceramic along the surface discharge technology, reliable technology, easy for maintenance; the great amount of wind fan, to ensure that the heat dissipation of the ozone generator and ozone is expanded well to the space beyond 2 meters.

O3 Tech (H.K.) Limited has been engaging in ozone production equipment for nearly fifteen years, involved in the industry, including: water treatment, aquaculture, medical, canteens, hotels, supermarkets, schools, home, kindergarten multiple industries. It is well received by customers because of no secondary pollution, low treatment cost and harmless to the human body.

Wall-mounted ozone generator manufactured by O3 Tech (H.K.) Limited are mainly air-feeding style, based on the principle of high frequency discharge to generate ozone and negative ion (negative oxygen ion) to achieve the purpose for disinfection and purification. The application scope is very wide which includes hospital ward, pharmaceutical clean production workshop, packaging, food processing enterprises, supermarkets, offices, tea, smoking, beauty salon, hotel room, kindergarten, school classrooms, library, KTV room, laboratory, bathroom, dressing room and newly renovated housing.