The Health Care Effect of Ozone for Human Body

O3tech 2016-10-14 16:01:23

Because ozone has an extremely strong ability of Penetration and oxidation, therefore, it can decompose oil dirty and kill the bacteria on the skin and pores quickly. It can remove dirt completely.


Using ozonated water to brush teeth, it can sterilize, take away bad breath and whiten teeth. It has obvious improvement for periodontitis and oral ulcer.


Using ozonated water to wash the face, it has the effect of beauty, whitening, acne, and it also can make the face smooth, delicate and no dust.


Using ozonated water to wash the hair, it can eliminate odor and flavor essence of shampoo. It not only can kill the bacteria attached to the hair, but also clear the hair perm water, hair dye odor. When the hair dye burn the scalp, using ozonated water to wash the hair, the wound can be improved. At the same time it can also prevent hair loss, make hair doesn’t split. If always using ozonated water to wash the hair, it will promote hair regeneration.


Ozone bath having a better effect on human health.


1#  Expand blood vessels, reduce cholesterol, prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis and heart related complications.


2#  Excrete toxins in the liver and kidney, and strengthen the normal operation of the liver and renal.


3#  Promote themetabolism and adjust the normal operation of endocrine pituitary adrenal function and eliminate menopausal disorders.


4#  Has the function of relaxing tendons and activating blood, can quickly resume the exercise, the work from fatigue.


5#  Accelerate the excretion of stains in the body which does not need exist in the body, so that the body can achieve a healthy state.


6#  Make the skin and muscles completely liberated, comfortable, the brain is completely relaxed.