Ozone Application on Food Processing Industry

O3tech 2012-12-18 19:32:05

Ozone Application on Food Processing Industry

Nowadays, ozone gas has been widely used abroad. It can be mainly used on four fields including water treatment, chemical oxidation, food processing and medical therapy. Applied research and equipment development of these four fields has reached a very high level. In the final analysis, the application of ozone is due to the characteristics of its strong oxidation, effective in sanitizing and pollution free. In the following article, I will explain in detail ozone application on food processing.

The ozone application in the food industry mainly includes several aspects:

Firstly, the production workshop air and equipment disinfection; secondly is the production and processing of water disinfection purification and preparation of high concentration of ozone water; thirdly is the cold storage disinfection and food preservation.

Air sterilization in the production workshop

Microbial contamination in the production workshop is a very important factor that affects the quality of the product. Ozone can not only kill them effectively,but also can effectively remove the odor from the workshop. It has been proved in broiler production, fast food, Chinese chestnut, aquatic products and meat products business application that the use of ozone disinfection can make production workshop air, ground, console, utensils and other objects surface bacterial targets qualified and some poultry slaughter plant odor also decreased significantly.

Disinfection of dressing rooms and work clothes

Most of the bacteria in the production workshop, can be brought into the production workshop through the work of the staff. What’s worse, it can lead to a large area of communication which should cause enough attention. Most food processing enterprise use ultraviolet in germicidal irradiation. However, UV irradiation has natural defects and poor sterilization effect. In contrast, ozone gas can permeate all parts of clothing. Therefore, it is an efficient and simple method to use for clothing disinfection.