10L/H PSA Oxygen Concentrator Model:PSA-SP010

10L/H PSA Oxygen Concentrator

Product Feature:

1. Adopt PSA technology

2. Longer life time. Life span is more than 15,000 hours which is twice of others

3. Automatic sieve bed from USA,lithiated molecular sieve

4. Low noise,low consumption,light weight

5. High purity oxygen, 93% above or less

6. CE and FCC approved

7, Two years free warranty


Application Scope:

1. This portable oxygen concentrator is suitable for patients’ short time outdoor application

2. This portable oxygen concentrator can be used to cure headache and sleep apnea syndrome caused by cervical spondylosis .

3. It will help mental workers and students to regain energy.

4. It is available for pregnant women and the aged to keep healthy

5. suitable for oxygen cocktail making




Power current consumption: 750W

Oxygen concentration: ≥90%

Output pressure: 0.1MPa

Oxygen flow: 0-10L/Min

Packages dimension: 420(L)×320(W)×670(H)mm - Complete machine

Net weight: 17KGS - Complete machine