Intelligent Ozone Water Machine Model:TWO001

Our ozonated water device can get ridof chemicals that are accumulated on your fruits and vegetables. It does notleave any harmful residues. The by-product of ozonation is oxygen.


It uses only cold water to maximizeyour sanitization results. It operates at peak efficiency in high humidity.




Product name: Intelligent ozone water machine; 

Ozonated water concentration: 0.2-1.0PPM 

Water flow: 200-900L/H

Inlet water: Tap water

Water inlet temperature: 5-30

Water outletpressure:0.6-1.2kg/ m2

Voltage: 100-240V 50/60HZ

Power consumption: 6W

Unit size: L115 x W50 x H180MM

Net weight: 0.5KGS

Color: white 




Intelligent micro pulse operationalcontrol system

Micro gas-water mixer system

Non-contact auto stand-by and sleepsystem 

CE (LVD & EMS) approval; 

ROHS Compliant




Unique mini design 

Produce O2 oxygen as byproduct

Higher concentration Ozonated water:0.2-1.0 PPM; 

No consumable parts or oxygen gasneeded. Use air and water as material;

Quick and effective removal ofpesticides and herbicides, kills mold spores, fungus, bacteria and viruses

No nitrogen oxide (Nox) or toxic byproducts

Continuously produces ozonated waterwhen operating the machine

Uses DC 12V as control system

Easy to use, no regular maintenance; 

Quiet operation and no noise




Chef- Thisis an intelligent ozone water machine designed for kitchen, unique mini design,easy to use. Safety ozone is mixed with water and produce ozonated water tomeet need for daily life and restaurant. 


Water with high ozone concentrationcan sterilize food & kitchen ware, disinfect hands, floors, wall, tables,;use as cleaning solution for towels & rags. Oxidize, decomposebacteria and pesticide from fruits and vegetable surfaces keep food fresh,Neutralize hormones and smell from meat, extend usable life and make food safe;Can also remove germs, bacteria and residual chlorine in tap water. 


Medical-addthe effectiveness of ozone sterilization without the need for consumable oxygenand convert tap water at any faucet to liquid sanitizer. Increase safetyand sanitation everywhere that people use water to wash, bathe or irrigatewounds and incisions;


Laundry- eliminatemold, fungus, bacteria and virus, remove pesticides and herbicides, anddecompose petroleum hydrocarbon