Ozone analyzer

Embedded Ozone Analyzer Model:UV-2000S

Ozone generator/ Portable ozone generator/Ozonator/ Ozonizer

Ozone Analyzer UV-2000S

Product Features

According to Lambert's-Bill's law, to measure the ozone concentrationby photometric absorption principle

Continuous on-line to measure ozone concentration (0-200Mg/L) in the outlet pipe of ozone generator

High precision

Adoption of the advanced double beam UV light source system

Zero calibration automatically every one hour to ensure that the equipment can run 24 hours a day

No ozone leakage

Friendly to higher pressure or large flow of ozone gas

Easy maintenance, simple operation, and low running cost

Inbuilt the light source automatic compensation, temperature and pressure compensation


 Application Scope

The ozone analyzer is mainly used to measure the ozone concentration in the ozone generator pipe.

It can continuously detect the ozone concentration in the outlet of the ozone generators which used on pharmaceutical, chemical, municipal, sewage treatment and other industries.

Product Specifications

Product name: Ozone analyzer

Product model: UV2000S (embedded style)

Measure range: 0-200 g/m3(1mg/L=1g/m3=467PPM)

Display resolution: 0.01 g/m3

Pump suction gas flow: 1.0L±0.2L/min

Input pressure: <0.1MPa

Zero drift: < 0.1%.FS (MAX±0.2 g/m3)

The sampling hole diameter: diameter of 6 (6mm*4mm)

Detection accuracy: ±3% readings

Communication mode: RS-485

Output mode: 4-20mA, linear

Power supply: AC 110-220V

Size: 155*78*240mm

Hole size: 145*68mm (for inbuilt style)

Net weight: 2.5KGS




Installation Diagram:

Ozone Analyzer UV-2000S