Ozone analyzer

Ozone Online Analyzer Model:UVO3-4400

Ozone generator/ Portable ozone generator/Ozonator/Ozonizer


 Product Features

 Principle of measurement: adoption of ultraviolet absorption method which conforms to Lambert-Beer law

Test method: dual optical path ultraviolet absorption

Light source system: O3tech ultraviolet lamp (wavelength 253.7nm)

Optical pool system: the technology of isolated light pool, no leakage, high pressure

Intelligent compensation: built-in light source automatic compensation function

Measurement range: 0-200mg/L (MAX: 350mg/L)

Data show: LCD backlight, data clarity can be counted

Signal output: 4-20mA current signal, optional RS485 communication

Zero mode: manual zero, zero value of the system records, no need to zero school

Pressure compensation


Application Scope

It can be used to detect the ozone gas in various industrial environments, and can also be used to detect ozone gas concentrations in the pipeline, vessel and other environment.

It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, municipal, sewage treatment and other industries.

It can also be used for the detection of ozone gas pipeline, in the operation of the vessel environment, to the outlet of ozone generator concentration and ozone generator output measurement.

 Ozone  Analyzer UVO3-4400

Product Specification

Range: 0-200mg/L(MAX:350mg/L)

Display resolution: 0.1mg/L

The input gas flow: 1.2L ± 0.2L/min

The input pressure: <0.1Mpa

Zero drift: < ± 0.3%.FS (MAX: 0.1mg/L)

Response time: <2S

The sampling port diameter: 6 mm (6mm*4mm)

Accuracy: ± 3% readings

Communication: RS-485

Output mode: 4-20mA

Weight: 4kg

Power Input: 110-220V AC

Size: 150*330*230mm

Note: 1mg/L=1g/m3=467PPM