Ozone analyzer

Ozone analyzer Model: UVO3-150

Ozone analyzer   Model: UVO3-150

Product Feature

1. Connect electrical, piping, communication cable properly;

2. Warm-up time 10 minute.

3.  Manual zero (just press the button on the front panel)

4.  Measuring ozone concentration;

5.  Data display, output, key operation processing and data communications;

6.  Please carry on manual zero if the error is higher than 1%; close off ozone source when zero calibration;

7.  Ensure that there a bus only to connect with computer when reading or writing RS-485 address, otherwise it will cause IP addresses conflict;



Product name: ozone analyzer

Product model: UVO3-150

Detection principle: double cuvettes

Range: 0 ~ 200 g/m3; (0 ~ 100g/m3, 0 ~ 40g/m3 optional).

Display resolution: 0.01g/m3

Display digits: 4

Accuracy: ± 3%

Communication: RS-485

Communication parameters: 9600,8, N, 1

Output: Differential 4-20mA, linear

Weight: 0.8kg;

Input gas flow: 1.0 ~ 2.0L/min

Input gas pressure: up to 1bar (0.1MPa)

Power supply: DC 24V (standard adapter)

Size: one type of 220mm (length) × 75mm (width) × 35mm (depth); 1 module 

Gas inlet, outlet pipe diameter: 4mm, OD 6mm