Ozone analyzer

Ozone Leak Detector Model:OTH600-O3

Ozone generator/ Portable ozone generator/Ozonator/Ozonizer


Product Name: Ozone Analyzer


Gas Detected: O3

Detection Principle: The electronical principle

Sampling Method: Wall hanging type, pipe type, flow type (associated with monitoring ofthe environment)
Measure Range: 0-100 PPM


Output Signal: 4-20MA, 0-5V, RS485, RS232

Response Time: ≤10S

Recovery Time: ≤10S


Limearity Error: ≤±1%

Zero Shift: ≤±1%

Display:High brightness digital tube display

Connection Mode: G1/2

Thread Size: M45*2mm

Temperature: -40℃~70℃

Humidity: 0-95%RH

Explosion-Proof: Ex dⅡCT6

Degree of Protection: IP65

Power: 12-36VDC

Operating Time: 24H

Dimensions: 180×150×90mm

Weight: ≤1.6kg

Prdouct Features

 a.Adoption of imported gas sensor, long working life, stable and accurate measurement results

b. Conforming to the EMC standard design, strong anti electromagnetic interference ability, suitable for complex industrial field

c. Various signal output modes, 4-20mA analog signal output, RS485 output (optional)

d. Automatic temperature and relativity compensation technology, real and reliable measurement data

e. Infrared remote control function of the unique, non-contact operation maintenance instrument

f. Flexible installation modes, simple and quick installation process, and can be applied to various installation site

g. Color screen display of industrial grade, graphic guide software operation menu, Chinese & English menu switch

h.  Fast switch of gas concentration unit, with automatic conversion function