Air Purifier

Ozone applied for air purification

Air Purifier

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Ozone is also an effective disinfectant for air and has been used successfully to decontaminate the atmosphere in storage rooms, containers, houses, kitchens and other areas. Airborne contaminants are a concern in some food facilities or cleaning rooms. Gaseous ozone rids unwanted odours & contaminates in ambient air just as aqueous ozone decontaminates water. The degree to which it is effective at destroying contaminants in the atmosphere or on exposed surfaces in a room depends on the concentration of ozone, humidity and surface area.

It should be closed space if used ozone on air disinfection, and nobody permitted to enter when the ozone generator working and within 30 minutes after working. 

Odor removal and air sterilization

Generally, the required ozone concentration will be 0.5PPM if used on odor removal or air sterilization; and required much higher concentration if used Surface disinfection of the articles ( the ozone concentration:1PPM-10PPM);

The local temperature and relative humidity will affect the efficiency of the ozone sterilization, especially for the relative humidity. 

Basically, there is no any efficiency for the suspended microorganism in the air if the 
humidity less than 40%; and the efficiency will be increased much if humidity exceed 60%, and will be in max efficiency if the humidity at 95%; 

Safety levels of ozone

Ozone is completely safe and effective when occurring within FDA and OSHA standards of 0.05 ppm (parts per million). In healthy and clean outdoor environments, ozone occurs between 0.02 and 0.05 ppm. Ozone has not been found to be harmful to the lungs until occurring at concentrations of 0.1 to 0.2 ppm.

In addition, the smell of ozone will become unpleasant and obnoxious well before reaching harmful levels, serving as a built-in and self-policing safety mechanism. If this happens, you know to make an adjustment (i.e. adjust setting of machine, increase air flow, place in more open/larger area).

However, at proper levels (0.02 ppm to 0.05 ppm), it will have a pleasant and clean smell to it, reminiscent of the smell outside after a lightening storm