Swimming Pool

ozone applied in water disinfection

Swimming Pool

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Advantage of Ozone Applied in swimming pool treatment
 1#: Ozone has a significant effect on sterilization andinactivating viruses, which also can prevent the spread of infectious disease effectively.
 2#: Ozoneis an environment-friendly bactericide accepted all over the world, it has no second pollution to the environment. Meanwhile, Ozone itself isdecomposed into oxygen, no residual contamination, no need ventilation after sterilization;
 Main Characteristics of Ozone Disinfection in swimming pool treatment
 1#: The ozone dosage is0.8-1.0mg/L.
 2#: Ozone generator withhigh volume is required to make sure that reaction time of ozone and water is no less than 2 minutes.
 3#: The ozonated water concentration (ozone dissolved in the water) should be less than 0.4mg/l (PPM).
 4#: Before disinfecting water, please use activated carbon to get rid of remaining ozone.


Ozone Calculating Formula for Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Capacity xcircle time per day x 1.1 /24 Hour;

Ozone dosage is 1.0mg/L

Such as: Swimming PoolLength: 25 meter; Width: 12.5 meter; Height: 1.7 Meter

Circle time: 6 times perday


The ozone dosage is 1.0mg/L

Then, that will require ozone 146 grams/H; generally, we could suggest customer to choose 150 grams/H;

Generally, some customers adopt both ozone and chlorine tablet use on swimming pool to reduce the running cost for the whole project.

Meanwhile, the mixing solution (dissolve ozone into water) will be important for the project. The mixing result will be affect real ozone requirements.